Friday, April 8, 2011

DMC Staff Comment in Inquirer Article

HIV risk higher for teens who had syphilis, gonorrhea

Dr. Jill Foster, Director of the DMC, was asked to comment for a 4/7/2011 Philadelphia Inquirer article on the link between HIV and rates of STDS, specifically gonorrhea and syphilis. In her discussion, she talked about teens feeling that they can judge their HIV risk merely by looking at someone and that there is still significant stigma around an HIV diagnosis.
This article was written as the city rolls out a new campaign to combat the unacceptably high rates of youth STDs, with Philadelphia "achieving" number 1 status in the country for youth STD's. There's a second Inquirer article on this in today's paper. Part of this campaign is free distribution of the new Philadelphia Freedom condom (pictured above), more information at From this website, teens can get apps for mobile phones to help them locate sites to get free condoms and can mail order free condoms. St. Chris' Adolescent Clinic (right upstairs from the DMC) is one of the sites for condom distribution and the DMC will soon be a site.

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